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Freya’s Cauldron December 2022

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On a cold winter’s lunchtime…

Freya’s Cauldron December 2022 – It’s cold outside and Monty’s asleep on me – again and we’re nice and warm with the heated blanket when, all of a sudden, the dogs start barking and going just a little mad Well, it’s a certain kind of noisy madness that tells me that the post lady has just been. Excellent! Freya’s Cauldron December subscription box has arrived. I don’t even put my coat on, no, no, I just grab the keys to the letter box and zoom outside. I open up the post box and tadaa… there’s Freya’s Cauldron December 2022 box looking out at me, all snug inside! Really happy to see it, as November’s box has yet to arrive – we think perhaps it’s taking a trip around the cosmos before finding it’s roots here!

Back under the blanket…

Back inside and warming up I open the box.

<spoiler alert> if you subscribe to Freya’s Cauldron and haven’t yet received your December box, don’t read the next bit or look at the photos! – You have been warned!

What’s in the box?

It’s not an easy box to photo as Monty insists on sleeping on me, so apologies if the pictures aren’t so good!
Freya always manages to pack so much in to the boxes. It’s like Christmas just before Christmas today what with all the unwrapping! Not sure what the red jasper bug-eyed crystal is looking at!

Not a bad box at all. Always nicely packaged and well protected. I’ve not looked at the rital kit and the time out bag yet but will do later. I really like the wooden wall plaque and the jar – a decent size too! Sometimes you just need to go big šŸ¤” There’s a cute pin brooch which I’ll pin with my others as well. The lunar calendar will certainly come in handy when I haven’t got my phone on me šŸ˜

Freya's Cauldron December 2022
The outside

Thanks for reading Freya’s Cauldron December 2022 subscription box review.

Stay warm

Blessed be


Astro Pentagram - Freya's Cauldron December 2022
Astro Pentagram cross stitch pattern by modXstitch

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