Where’s the summer gone?

Finally turned off the PC this evening and thought I’d take a lap round the garden with the dogs… It’s August 2nd and I’m wearing a jumper .. a jumper!! What’s going on? Where’s the summer gone? I’ve barely used the electric fans this year and only watered the garden 3 times. It saves money but still…
I suppose I could take the time to do some stitching. Or maybe make some more patterns to go in the shop

However the plants – and of course the lawn – are growing exceptionally well. They don’t care where’s the summer gone! I’ve had to trim the buddleias 3 times already and completely trim the physalis (Chinese lanterns) as the rain has made them all bow down.
Apparently summer’s coming next week with a whopping 27° so I’ll soon be complaining that it’s too hot!
Had a whip around taking snaps of some of the plants….see below
I could spend hours taking snaps of the plants and animals (when they don’t move !). Thank goodness it’s all digital now or it would cost an absolute fortune to develop.

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Where's the summer - Lilies

From the left… cynoglosse amabile (Chinese forget-me-not), lavatera, bee on a sunflower and agapanthus

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