Happy there’s a great cross stitch thread market…DMC, CXC?

Which threads to use part 1 – To DMC or not to DMC

So I’ve decided to start a new cross stitch pattern… Balance Achieved available from modXstitch

Original photo on the left, cross stitch mock up on the right.

It’s actually a photo of my cat Python so it seemed like a good place to start. So, it’s the smaller version, just 333 x 350 stitches and 73 different colours.

The question I asked myself was should I use DMC threads or try the much talked about CXC threads? Having priced up the threads needed I’ve decided to try out the CXC (€32 for 250 skeins of choice from AliExpress)

So here’s the exciting thing (for me anyway!) – the threads have arrived in France, woohoo. Should be just a 1 or 2 days now before they arrive. I feel a photo shoot coming on upon arrival!

Once I’ve seen the threads I can decide on which count to use – I’m leaning to towards 14, 16 or 18 at the moment.

I’ll post photos from time to time and give my opinion on the CXC threads – secretly hopping them to be good as that’s save heaps of money with all the patterns I want to do!

Thanks for reading which threads to use part 1


which threads to use part 1 - If I fits...
If I fits….

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